Thakur International also offers services for environmental studies, environmental management planning, environmental auditing, environmental impact assessment (EIA), water resources management and groundwater investigation.


Environment and Information Technologies are being major issue requires maximum attention. Thakur International is company which has been registered under the Nepal companies registration act. The versatility of the company has enabled us to develop multifaceted expertise that has broadened our experience to match the demands of today.

Environmental Studies

Thakur International also offers environmental and surveys consulting services including the environmental studiesenvironmental management plan and environmental auditing, environmental impact assessment (EIA), waste water treatment/ management, rain water harvesting (RWH), groundwater investigation, soil & material testing, ISO certification etc

  1. Environmental Survey, Sampling, Analysis & Data Generation
  2. Advisory Services
  3. Research & Training
  4. Turnkey Project
  5. Soil & Material Testing
  6. Topographic Survey