Mobile Survey Data Collection In GIS Applications

13 December 2016


 December 13, 2016

Mobile Survey Data Collection In GIS Applications in Nepal


Constantly developing information technologies every day requires more and more accurate and bigger amount of data and accurate collecting methods. The best way to answer that difficulty is using more automated, mobile supported and customizable systems.

content size of the GIS project directly affects the amount of data to collect, when gathering the data, accuracy and time are always been the key to every GIS project.


1. Thakur International mobile data collection

Survey data collection app showing general setting

 Meet the Thakur International mobile data collector app. User-friendly, compatible with all android devices, real-time cloud   synchronization, automated statics output, rich media collection, easy monitoring efficiency and productivity, offline data collection, customized forms and more.

Enables you to collect and process the data that you need, for every time or position based application much easier, faster and maximize efficiency with fully automated workflow, moving GIS from the desktop into the user’s  hands.




 2. Faster survey data collection

By using Thakur International mobile data collector dispatch the assignment assign daily workloads to finish. Manage the team member’s roles and capabilities. Fill the form on your mobile device and continue that’s all.


Image showing starting survey for geomarketing survey in Nepal



  3. More accurate and reliable data

collect your data with your cellphone, even if there is no connection, you can save the data offline and upload to the cloud whenever you want.

with Thakur International mobile data collector’s automatic metadata capture functions, always know the device user, position, special id, exact time of the data. In other words, information that distinctiveness of data   who take the data, where is data coming from, when the data captured questions automatically recording and special form id help ensure that no duplicate forms in the final data set.

Cloud sync Technology makes nearly impossible to lose data and accessible from anywhere.Collect media with your data, photos, audios and even record videos and upload to the cloud, everything you need to be faster and more accurate

4. How it works?

Mobile data collection process simply consists of 3 parts

  1. – Preparation
  2. – Collection
  3. – Analysis

Survey data collection app showing general setup and customization

4.1 Preparation

preparation includes system setup, customization, preparing the necessary forms and communication methods.

first of all mobile survey data collection system need a server. cloud systems or local servers can be used in needs of the project, after determining the server project configurations will be needed. Thakur International Mobile survey data collection app and servers are pre-configured but sometimes project specific need require customized configurations.

If the customer prefers to use local server it can be adjusted to take data only from a local network or anywhere with internet connection, for the project if the absolute safety needed, local communication between devices is recommended.

4.2 Collection

One system setup is done, you will be able to start to collect data from anywhere (even if you chose local communication).

The user doesn’t need any technical knowledge to collect information. the only thing to do fill the pre-build form step by step and when the form is over it will save itself automatically.

Which kind of data can be collect and how?

Survey data collection app showing location for geomarketing Nepal

  1. – Text: basic text information

To make this process faster there is an opportunity to take the text from choices (multiple picks or single pick from choices) or can be specified as a numerical entry only.

  1. – Media: image, sound record and even video
  2. – Date/time: date and time can be captured in the background of the form or/and can be taken from the user.

Barcode/square code: Thakur International Mobile data collection app able to work with external code scanner systems.

  1. -Metadata: Metadata means getting information without asking the user, Thakur International Mobile data collection app able to capture device id, start time, end time, username, subscriber id, SIM serial and the phone number without any afford.


4.3 Analysis

While you or/and your collectors gathering the data, you need you will be able to visually analyze everything is happening in seconds. It is possible to analyze data on bar and/or pie charts or on the map before building GIS.


Survey data collection app showing implemented useful areas in Nepal

5. Useful areas that we have implemented until now

  1. – Agriculture applications: agricultural, farming and field work
  2. – Commercial applications: finance, marketing and sales
  3. – Construction applications: construction management and inspections
  4. – Cultural applications: cultural analysis and human geography
  5. – Health & Care applications: health medical and public safety monitoring and analyzing
  6. – Natural disaster: disaster response, relief and support monitoring and analyzing
  7. – Engineering applications: customized app for engineering surveyors and civil engineers
  8. – Environmental applications: environment, ecology, field research and monitoring and analysis
  9. – Government applications: applications for local, municipal or states
  10. – Hospitality applications: Hotels and Hospitality industry- Miscellaneous applications: applications for miscellaneous uses
  11. – Natural resources: water source management, quality or all kinds of natural resources
  12. to observe analyze and efficiency
  13. Political applications: applications for political campaigns, polling and canvassing
  14. – Real estate applications: real estate agents and home inspections
  15. – Safety applications: applications for safety inspections and compliance
  16. – Touristic applications: tourism and travel based personal and company solutions
  17. – Transportation applications: transportation, traffic monitoring and developing
  18. – Utility apps: utility apps for power and water companies


6. Why Thakur International mobile data collection app?

Thakur International, Nepal based environment and information technology company, that builds personal mobile data collection solutions. only and all for client needs. Thakur International not only an information technology company but with also geomatics engineers, civil engineers and information technology experts works to understand your needs maybe even better than you.

For more information feel free to contact us: 01-4390807, E-mail-


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