Development of web based land use data dissemination system

Project Description

 National Land Use Project, Ministry of Land Reform and Management
 Feb. 2016

Resources are the basis for the development of our country, Nepal. Land use practice, planning, management and associated policy development need clear understanding of available land and its use. A web GIS solution act as a tool to visualize and to disseminate land use data for researchers, planners and policy makers and public in general.
A Web GIS solution for land use data dissemination combines the knowledge of complex GIS systems with the standards and best practices of information technology to design and implement an end-to-end system that deliver land use data services, tools and applications on the web. This proposal aims to develop a Web Based Land Use data dissemination system at VDC/Municipality level.

The main objectives of the project were as follows:

  1. To enhance the accessibility of land resource information to all related stakeholders and general public.
  2. Prepare data sharing mechanism and therefore support Spatial Database Infrastructure (SDI) for implementation of Land Use Policy 2072.
  3. Strengthen framework for infrastructure development and planning with reference to Land Use Data and Maps.

Brief scope of the project were not only limited to as follow:

  1. Harmonize all the Land Use Database and Maps in common format.
  2. Harmonize the projection system of all the data sets and maps.
  3. Prepare seamless data by edge matching.
  4. Maintain standard as proposed for web based data dissemination.
  5. Prepare web based data dissemination system for deploying all land use database.
  6. Develop mechanism for online data order and data purchase.
  7. Provide 24/7 IT support for a year.