Remote Sensing


Remote Sensing Images

Physical survey of a large scale project is not viable in term of time, money and resources. Remote sensing is used for acquisition of information on objects and phenomenon. Thakur International offers remote sensing services to ensure accurate and cost effective data collection which can be used for planning and designing of mapping projects. Thakur International services for classification, image correction, image processing, image enhancement and change detection services. The services are modified as per project requirements.

Thakur International offers remote sensing services by creating data, organizing required remote sensing data, data analysis and compare data of forestry, vegetation, land use, erosion, pollution, weather etc. These services can be use full for land use planning projects, city planning, archaeological investigations and so on.

Remote Sensing Services:

  1. Remote data collection and distribution
  2. Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification
  3. Classification-supervised and unsupervised
  4. Change detection
  5. Slope aspect analysis
  6. Land cover classification
  7. Forestry mapping
  8. Agricultural mapping
  9. Mining and Geology mapping
  10. Environmental impact assessment mapping
  11. Watershed mapping and management

Thakur International has experience and expertise in providing cost effective and time bound services as per your project requirements. Please contact us for more information and your project discussion with us.