Survey Apps Development

Survey Apps Development and Customization

Survey Apps Development is offered at Thakur International, Nepal

Survey Apps Development

GIS Developer team at Thakur International serves for Survey Apps Development. Survey Apps provides a way to collect and store geo-referenced information for project area, along with build up solution of tools to visualize, analyze and manipulate ground data for specific needs. Survey Apps customized and developed at Thakur International enables to understand data for decision-making, research, disaster management, agriculture, business, politics,  and more.

Mobile Data Collection

The mobile App used for mobile data collection is integrated with both an online and offline mapping component with addition spatial widgets for deploying surveys with the app. Survey option includes text or numerical input, single-select, multi-select,  as well as special data types like, gps points, poylgons, geotracing. Beside these, survey form also includes bar-codes, images, audio etc.

Database and Web Management

The custom survey apps comes with web based application for database and survey management.

Geospatial Data Display

The application is integrated with Mobile Data Conversion Kit for desktop application to downloads the images for creating ESRI shape files and google earth KML files of the data collected.