Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

Primary functions of  a  Topographic Survey is  to  collect  survey  data  about  the  natural  and human created  features  of  the  land,  as  well  as  its elevations.  From the obtained information a three-dimensional map may be prepared.  You  may prepare  the  topographic  map  in  the  office  after collecting the field data or prepare it right away in  the  field  by  plane  table.

What we do in Topographic Survey?

  1. Conducting Topographical Survey
  2. Marking permanent features such as culvert, Road drain, H.T. line, Culvert, Nallah, Buildings, Structures, Existing lines which are visible on site, Location of trees & other all permanent structures if any.
  3. Taking out Spot Levels submission of 3 sets of final drawing along with original tracing & soft copy in C.D. Format.
  4. Marketing of spot levels at a suitable interval & making of Contours as per requirement of the site.
  5. Showing Boundary & diagonal measurements.
  6. Triangulation of the site.
  7. Area calculation of the site.
  8. Preparation of survey report comprising photo graphs of site, Methodology adopted for Survey & site topography & all other details.

Topographic Survey Technology

We uses a technologically advanced  – Topcon’s Electronic Total Station, connected to high-end Computing Devices for conducting surveys and processing results. The use of this technology for Topographic Survey ensures

  1. Precise and highly accurate results
  2. Readings in x, y and z co-ordinates
  3. Computing horizontal distances
  4. Computing slope distances
  5. Computing vertical distances
  6. Does away with the drudgery of paper work
  7. Cuts down on survey time/field work / plotting.