Thakur International develop, design and customize webGIS apps for your project in Nepal.

WebGIS Application developed for Nepal

WebGIS services has enormous potential in the field of GIS and data visualization. Thakur International helps you to building up a customized WebGIS for your spatial data from small user portal for public multi-server web mapping services for millions of users.

WebGIS services:

  1. Setup and hosting of GIS-Server
  2. Dynamic Map-Server (for Location based Services, Fleetmanagement, Weathermaps)
  3. Static Map-Server with Caching-Technology for optimal performance
  4. Integration of all kinds of spatial data like e.g. vectors, maps, air photographs, POIs, photos, videos etc. with meta-data and links
  5. Database management
  6. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)/Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) conformity
  7. Interface integration with Google Earth, Google Maps, WorldWind, and others
  8. Interface to GIS-Software like e.g. ArcGIS
  9. AJAX-, Flash- or JAVA – FrontEnd for user-friendly clients with high functionality (e.g. Routing, Editing- and Analysis-Tools or database queries.
  10. High-Performance and cost-effective Back-End-Solutions like UMN Mapserver or PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  11. Layer-Architecture for combination with other Web-Mapping-Services like e.g. Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Maps or other WMS-Servers.

Associated webGIS services:

  1. Conversion of vector-data (points, lines, polygons)
  2. Conversion of raster-data like e.g. topo-maps or satellite images ( unlimited size !)
  3. Generation of 3D-models with textures
  4. Generation of KMZ-files for your clients
  5. Setup and hosting of GIS-server with interface for Google Earth / WorldWind for access via Internet / Intranet ( also for large data amounts)
  6. Solutions for access control / copy protection to grant security for your data.


For more information about our webGIS services and project discussion, please contact us.